Episode 8 of Success and Inner Growth discusses the relationship between information and knowledge. Afterwards, I define the main concepts of the topic. In a next step we have a closer look at relationship between knowledge and information. In the end, I ask how knowledge can help us creating value, thus earning an income.

I organised the main point of today’s discussion into three groups. They are:

What is information?

  • Our 5 senses as data sources for our brain
  • From data to information
  • How the brain filters the datastream coming from our senses
  • Definition of information
  • Relevance, timeliness and credibility
  • The value of information

What is knowledge, and how does it work?

  • Knowledge as a vault of structured and validated information
  • Limits of absolute truth
  • Validating information
  • What kind of data should be admitted into a knowledge vault

Knowledge as a wonderful tool to create value

  • Validating information on demand
  • Providing context
  • Asking the right questions
  • And finally: How knowledge can guide us fromthe confrontation with a disturbing pieces of information to a planned response.

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