Episode 10 of Success and Inner Growth discusses ways to take care of our subconsious mind.

What is the Subconscious Mind

As a first step we clarify concept of subconsious mind.

  • We look at its fundamental function of a dump file for all information we ever gatheres in our life.
  • The we look at the way our subconscious mind organises this information with tags.
  • We note that a record cannot be deleted or edited, once it entered the subconscious mind.
  • But we realise also, that we can attach some tags to those records, connecting relating records and thus setting a context for a record.

How can the Subconcious Mind help us?

Next we identify three ways our subconscious mind can help us.

  • It can act as a reference database, helping us to understand and interpret the information our senses send to our mind.
  • Automationg thoughts and behaviour is another service our subconscious mind provides to us.
  • Creativity and problem solving is another strength of the subconscious mind. We talked already in module 9 a bit about the techniques we can use to make that work for us.
  • Alerting us about inconsistencies in our life and about new opportunities

How can we care for our subconscious mind, protect it and grow it?

Finaly, we look at ways we can protect and support our subconscious mind, so that it can help us more efficiently. They include

  • Curating the information we send to our subconsious mind
  • Providing time to crunch the daily input and sort it out.
  • Appreciating its work, and especially the self-monitoring system it offers to us.


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