Here is Episode 26 of Success and Inner Growth, the title Seven Steps from Inspiration to Manifestation. Actually, I recorded it already in June, but I waited with publishing until the second edition of How to Take Control of Your Own Mind was ready.

If you download a free copy of the personal growth classic Think and Grow Rich, you get access to a special offer of How to Take Control of Your Own Mind.

So much about housekeeping.

Demystify the Path to Success

The current episode of Success and Inner Growth, Seven Steps from Inspiration to Manifestation, demystifies the path to success. Although, it might look like a secret, a well-defined sequence of steps allows you accessing and directing the full power of your soul, mind, and body towards your goals. Whenever you follow that path. you gain the power to transform inspirations into goals, and let those goals materialize in the world.

This process works for simple aspirations as well as for inspiration most people would discard as completely out of their reach. And in the process, you grow, too.

Therefore, I invite you today to be my guest on this exiting path from inspiration to manifestation. My special thanks go to Anodea Judith, who inspired me to create this episode.

So, here we go.

I added again a few subheadings to the recording, allowing you to access specific parts directly.

I hope you enjoyed the Seven Steps from Inspiration Manifestation. If so, share it. And please do not hesitate to contact us at and share your questions and topics we should cover next

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