I changed the format of the podcast Success and Inner Growth, and today I did an interview instead of a slightly boring monolog. Instead a spirited dialog is waiting. Your life is your choice. If you follow Evangelyne, you will find out, that this sentence brings back freedom. If your current life reflects your choice, you have the freedom to change it just by making different choices.

My first interview partner was Evangelyne Cheruiyot. At the time I met her first, she was desperate, and all the troubles around her seemed to paralyzed her.

But today she belongs to the happiest people I know, full of positive energy and confidence. So, I asked her how she managed to turn her life around, starting to love herself without reservation.

I added again a few subheadings to the conversation, although we recorded a dialog that is less structures than a prepared presentation.

Introduction (0:00)
Welcome Evangelyne (0:26)
Coming to Germany (1:50)
Cultural pressure (3:24)
Starting in Germany 4:17)
Working (3:52)
Welcome the challenge (4:50)
I know who I am(7:04)
It’s my choice (10:35)
A new person (15:10)
Learning (25:33)

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