Episode 12 of our podcast Success and Inner Growth discusses the balance between openness and privacy in our life. Here follows a short overview of the content of the episode.


We start with openness. In the process, we discover two different types of openness: Active and passive openness. Active openness describes the mindset of a researcher, while passive openness describes a networker who makes himself visible and approachable.


The term “privacy” looks at the first glance also like a simple and easily understandable concept. But privacy needs also a careful definition, and we spend quite some time defining the term privacy.

Openness Needs Privacy

In the next step we discover the need for a private sanctuary, because otherwise we are in grave danger. All the powerful influences, which we invited into our life could overwhelm us.


Of course, spying hurts our relationships. And it hurts first and foremost the spy himself, because he excludes the strongest and most authentic people from his network. Strong people know that they need their privacy, and they will not tolerate people around them, who don’t respect their privacy.

Commercial Relationships

All of us have also many relationships with organisations. It is important to understand, that those organisations have other ways to talk to us, and to listen to us. They talk to us through advertisements and professional spokes people, and an important method to listen to us is for them tracking our behaviour.


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