Episode 13 of Success and Inner Growth discusses ways to protect our energy flow. Listen and learn how to organize your life in a way, that makes lets your energy work for yourself. The key is balancing the satisfaction you provide to all your needs.

Whenever we neglect that balance, we will fail to protect the free flow of our energy. Here follows a short overview of the content of the episode. Click on any headline and to reach directly the corresponding spot in the audio.

  1. The Soul as Energy Source (0:30)
  2. Understanding Our Needs (2:42)
  3. Balancing the Needs (12:26)
  4. We Must Protect Our Energy (14:54)
  5. Conclusion (24:47)
  6. Episode 14 (27:21)

In case you prefer the written text, you find the manuscript of this episode on our blog.

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PS: Let your self-made prison crumble!

Overcome your fear to protect the free flow of your energy
Photo by Makenna Entrikin on Unsplash