This podcast episode discusses how the human mind functions as a bridge between the soul and the body. This bridge helps us to stay connected with our soul and receive guidance her. We call that guidance often intuition, and the ability to tap into our intuition provides us of course with a huge advantage over those people, who don’t know how to access it. But there are also forces, that want to severe this connection between our soul and body. They try to take over by themselves control over our life. Episode 19 of Success and Inner Growth shows us a way, how we can defeat those dark forces. In fact, we can always pierce that wall between our body and mind.

Table of Content

You can easily navigate the podcast using this little table of content. Whenever you click on a line, you reach the corresponding point in the timeline of the audio. I added the time to each headline, so that you can also navigate quickly, if the links below do not work for you.

  1. Introduction (0:00)
  2. The Wall between Body and Mind (0:25)
  3. Body, Mind, Soul and Persona (2:28)
  4. Why Does a Wall between Body and Mind Exist? (4:11)
  5. How the Wall between Body and Mind Works (6:10)
  6. Obtain Control over Your Emotions (8:14)
  7. The Change Process (11:57)
  8. Episode 19 (14:24)

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Episode 19

This was episode 19 of the Podcast Success and Inner Growth. You can expect in the first week of February 2020. We will look for a way to use your newly found energy and mental power to strengthen your persona, connect to the right people and find appreciation and abundance.

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