The current environment is certainly adverse and difficult to thrive in, especially for people valuing control over the own life. Governments intrude into our private life like never before. They try to tell us, when to stay at home, and when we might leave. They forced us to cover our mouth in public, without providing a coherent reasoning regarding the details of their demand.

The did not communicate openly about risks of immunization they pressured us to take. And now, we have a big war in Europe, and another war looming in Asia. But if you dare to question you government’s narrative about that war in public, you have a good chance to get demonized. And this is true as long as your government has any skin in outcome of the current war wherever you live, regardless of the side your government takes in that fight.

Episode 28 of Success and Inner Growth discusses the challenges you face navigating such an adverse environment, and how to retain control over your own world in such dire circumstances.

Creating this Episode took me almost three months longer than I had anticipated. But now, I am proud to present an episode that helps to see the bigger picture and establish some fundamental methods to thrive in such an adverse environment.

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