This episode discusses the four dimensions of being a human. You might be a little bit surprised when you here this topic, and full of doubt. This is no surprise, given the way most of us grew up and what we learnt in school.

But I think, we all had also our share of moments, where we felt that there is more about us than our body and our position in society.

Understanding the four dimensions of being human allows us to finally connect the dots of our life and to open up to a fuller understanding of our selves.

Table of Content

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  1. Introduction (0:00)
  2. The Persona (0:49)
  3. The Body (1:27)
  4. The Mind (4:25)
  5. The Soul (5:26)
  6. Let Your Four Human Dimensions Work in Concert (8:14)
  7. Protect Your Integrity (9:05)
  8. Cut Off from Mind and Soul (9:58)
  9. Reclaim All Your Human Dimensions (12:55)
  10. Take Back Control (13:27)
  11. Episode 18 (14:39)

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Episode 18

This was episode 17 of the Podcast Success and Inner Growth. You can expect the next episode around December 15. The upcoming topic will be: How to overcome the wall between your mind and your conscious life.

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The four dimensions of being human