Goals are Important

It is very important for our life to set goals. But it is even more important to do that the right way.

This episode of Success and Inner Growth discusses three categories of goals. They are goals relating to experiences and joy, goals related to personal growth and goals providing meaning to our life.

Long term and short term goals are both important, but they provide slightly different benefits to our life.

It is a must that we retain control over our own goal setting process. There will be outside influence, and that is O.K. But we need to be aware of such outside interference, mark it in our mind as such and never allow suggestions or pressure from outside to become the source of goals without further reflection and scrutiny.

And last, but not least, we discuss the impact of conflicting goals on our life and how to reconcile them.

Table of Content

You can easily navigate the podcast using this little table of content. Whenever you click on a line, you reach the corresponding point in the timeline of the audio. I added the time to each headline, so that you can also navigate quickly, if the links below do not work for you.

  1. Introduction (0:00)
  2. Setting Goals for Your Life (0:24)
  3. Why We Need Goals (1:18)
  4. Who should Set Our Life Goals? (2:16)
  5. How the Wall between Body and Mind Works (3:08)
  6. Fear (5:04)
  7. Different Categories of Life Goals (7:42)
  8. Timeframes for Goals(8:48)
  9. Conflicting Goals(10:27)
  10. Conclusion(11:28)
  11. Episode 20 (12:18)

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Setting Goals for Your Life