We often try to understand and see our soul using the brain. I challenge you today, to try it at least once the other way round and imagine, how your soul sees your body and your life as a human. Why? Relevant is the driver’s view on his car and his journey, not the car’s view on the driver. And guess, I see in this analogy the car in place of the body and the soul as driver.

Your soul drives your life. Therefore, the best way to secure energy and health comes with catering to the needs of your soul. A proper goal setting process is important because it helps you understand the needs and desires of your soul. Use your goals to bring the desires of your soul to the core of your life. We talked already about this topic in Episode 19 of Success and Inner Growth. This episode emphasizes the importance of the body as a powerful tool that can satisfy many desires of the soul.

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But understanding how the soul sees your life appreciating her desires in connection with life and your body is not enough. Success and satisfaction can be only available to you if you guide and steer your life in harmony with your soul. Do you look for a way to get a grip on your life and gain control over speed and direction of your life journey? If so, I invite you to join us at the masterclass:

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Table of Content

  1. Introduction (0:00)
  2. How the Soul Sees Your Life (0:36)
  3. A fulfilled Life as Seen by Your Soul (1:15)
  4. If Your Soul Sees You Losing Control over Your Life (2:14)
  5. The Role of Society (3:13)
  6. If Your Soul Sees Your Life Spinning in Circles (4:59)
  7. Your Soul is Fighting Back (6:19)
  8. How to Please Your Soul(7:02)
  9. Reflect from Time to Time how Your Soul Sees Your Life(7:28)
  10. Open Up to the Miracles of the World(7:56)
  11. Honor Your Body and Care for Your Senses (8:56)
  12. Contribute to the World (8:56)
  13. Free Masterclass (11:45)
  14. Conclusion (12:16)
  15. Episode 21 (12:48)

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Imagina, how your soul sees your life.