Show Notes for Growing Together

Growing Together in a Convoy is the title of Episode 14 of our Podcasts Success and Inner Growth. We discuss the network we need to assemble to reach our goals in detail. As a first step we organize the people our network into three into three units: the guides, mentors and coaches, the peers, and the clients.

A deeper look at the roadblocks and barriers helps us finding the right people for our convoy. And of course, we dedicate a large part of the episode to the question how to assemble our network in a way that allows us growing together.

Additionally, we created a short video as attachment to this podcast episode. Here is the link.

Table of Content

You can easily navigate the podcast using this little table of content. Whenever you click on a line, you reach the corresponding point in the timeline of the audio. For those podcast apps not supporting such links, I added for each headline the corresponding time.

  1. Introduction (0:00)
  2. Categories of Business Relationships (1:12)
  3. Growing Together with Whom? (2:49)
  4. The Me (3:15)
  5. Your Vanguard Unit (4:26)
  6. Peers (7:38)
  7. Clients (10:51)
  8. Others (12:51)
  9. Assembling Your Caravan to Success (13:56)
  10. Starting from Scratch (15:12)
  11. Episode 15 (23:26)

Additional Links

You can find the full manuscript of this episode at our blog at And in case you want to access the manuscripts for older episodes of Success and Inner Growth, you find them all under this link.

And here is another link. It leads to a nice little booklet from Dr. John Brennan with the Title Consultative Selling. The author shows the huge value hidden in nurturing your relationships with your clients. Additionally, he provides a framework how to build and maintain those relationships.

Episode 15

Expect the next episode for the second half of June. We will move away from networking and finally start a discussion about the importance of business processes and ways to build them.

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Growing together after meeting at a road block