Processes and Systems in a Business is the title of Episode 15 of Success and Inner Growth. This topic sounds a bit boring, but it is eminently important if you want to establish control over your own life with the help of your own business.

You can describe all businesses as a systems, comprising several subsystems and many processes. I already discussed that idea in episode 6 in the context of leverage. Check it out.

Understanding your business as a system will help you to bring stability and predictability into your business, and by extension into your life. In episode 13 we discussed the huge importance of stability in the context of the hierarchy of human needs.

Table of Content

You can easily navigate the podcast using this little table of content. Whenever you click on a line, you reach the corresponding point in the timeline of the audio. For those podcast apps not supporting such links, I added for each headline the corresponding time.

  1. Introduction (0:00)
  2. Businesses as Systems and Processes (0:35)
  3. Defining Systems and Processes (2:55)
  4. What is a Process? (4:28)
  5. A Coaching Business as Example (6:20)
  6. The Value Creation Process of a Coaching Business (6:33)
  7. Processes and Systems of a Coaching Business(8:07)
  8. Integrating Business Processes into a System (13:56)
  9. Episode 16(15:07)

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Episode 16

This was episode 15 of the Podcast Success and Inner Growth. You can expect episode 16 after a short summer break at the beginning of September. We will examine how to design a business for stability, and how owning a business can bring stability into your life.

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Water an example for processes bound together in systems
The Water Circulation System